Our Christmas Family

  I added 2 more plastic containers & put items left inside away from cats.

Please mark off the list what you put in.  Thanks very much.

Family of 4 - Mom, Dad, & 2 teenage sons.

Family Hamper & Gift Guidelines

Food Hamper Checklist & Gift Wish List

We have set up our shelf on the back wall with these lists and plastic containers for putting food & gift items in.  Our deadline to get this to the Family is Dec. 19 so we need to start collecting perishable AND non-perishable food items & gifts* now.

* Please leave a note attached to gift telling what it is AND check it off the list so we can make sure we're not duplicating items.

Sophie will be collecting the perishable food items to take home.  Please be sure that when you put your food donation in the container, to check it off the list.

Please contact Sophie or Joy with any questions.  Thank you.